Snow Prep in the South

Why is there such a ruckus when a predicted snow storm is coming, here in Raleigh, NC? Is it because it is so rare? Is it a merchandising hoax that convinces people to mob the supermarkets and Home Depot in frantic preparation, as if they don’t have enough food stored in their pantries to see them through and unless they get a generator, surely they will freeze to death?? Maybe it’s because I grew up in New York, where it felt like it snowed all winter long and no one made any big deal about it. Maybe it is because the world, and technology changed and predicting storms is an art form, along with intense preparation. It is too much drama for me, and too fear producing. If it snows, it snows and I will burrow inside, feel guilty about not playing in the snow with my kids, complain about all the wet clothes thrown in the garage and start making hot chocolate. My pantry is well stocked on most days, as if my freezer. All will be well. Let it snow.