Lyme Disease and its dominant role in our family

My son, Peter has been suffering with Chronic Lyme disease for months now. He is 25 years old and was a healthy, succesful business consultant, in Boston. He now lives at home with us in Raleigh, NC and spends most of his days on the red sectional in our living room, in pain. Mostly, it is intense leg pain and some headaches and other ghastly pains. We have been to see the Lyme gurus, aka Lyme Literate doctors and have gotten various protocols, but the current one he is following, is high doses of Tetracycline with not much else in the way of supplements, so as not to feed the Lyme spirochetes.

I have begun to wonder, how this will ever end, how he will gain the lost 35 pounds back, get another job, find a girlfriend and rebuild his life. Then, I wonder how one poppy seed size critter could have wrecked this much havoc on his life and ours as we bear witness with broken hearts. What life lesson is there to be learned here? He is the brightest, funniest guy you could ever want to meet and one wonders, what this is really all about?