Daring Greatly

Daring Greatly{47D14071-317F-483D-8702-BE2EEFA288D0}Img400




We thought she had at least a month left.

She seemed in good spirits with energy on most days.

So we ate and we went out,

Had visitors and snuggled with the dog.

We talked and we shed some tears

Along with a whole lot of laughing.

Her daughter would curl up

Next to her in bed each night.

The cannula in place

And the loud oxygen machine was on.

Both were settled and comfy.

First mom would begin to read

But when her eyes got fuzzy from

Morphine, Atavan and the lull of the O2

The daughter would take over reading

Not missing a line.

But mom’s eyes would open

Because she didn’t want to miss a word

It was a sight to see

And was really so lovely

To watch mother and daughter

Read the likes of Brene Brown’s

“Daring Greatly” on library loan.

With a synopsis that says

“How the courage to be vulnerable

Transforms the way we

Live, Love, Parent and Lead.”

So even when close to the end,

Learning vulnerability is essential

And in discussing these concepts

Mother and daughter could

Work out some kinks in their past

And make sure that their love

Was clear and understood

Despite the book being overdue.

For the few times I peered in

And was struck by this scene

I believe it may stay with me forever.

What a gift this daughter gave

To herself and to her mother,

Who has now left this vulnerable earth.

I hope someone gives that to me

Before I leave all behind.

Because Daring Greatly is no easy feat.


One comment

  1. Nancy Kleinfeld · January 31

    Omg, just beautiful, Ann. Part of the beauty is that it sounds like no time or opportunities were lost. What a good passing for Alice. Both my parents were in Hospice and the process can be so interesting. Alice’s speed is a mystery and I am sorry for you and girls . You have been so magnificently present
    ( except when you can not). Thinking of you at this time. 💟

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